Terms and Conditions Summary – Site Use

Site Use*

The Good Massage Guide (GMG) website is open for use to Australians seeking to find Massage Therapists or information about massage therapy.  Our site assists Massage Therapists to promote their craft and business, and for Australians to search, find, review and book therapy services.

GMG offers access to therapist profiles in good faith and use of this site is at the users own risk. 

Massage Seekers

The GMG is intended to provide location sensitive business details for therapeutic massage therapists and their business / clinic and relevant wellness practices.

As such, it is expected that site users will use the GMG website to locate massage therapy businesses for therapeutic massage services.  This precludes sexual or intimate massage services and customers are not to request such services from GMG therapists.

GMG offers consumers:

  • location finder tools
  • searchable discount offers
  • wellness event notices
  • information and knowledge pages
  • massage therapist booking tools
  • massage therapist or relevant wellness space, business profile content and direct contact details.


Marketing by Therapy Businesses*

  • Website promotions by therapists are charged at a small annual cost or as otherwise indicated. 
  • Each therapist/business site is verified for accuracy and relevance in representation before going live
  • All content must be approved for display on the website by GMG and all decisions final
  • Only current registered therapists may display additional offers such as coupons or gift cards. 
  • Only community health events will be considered listing. Content is subject to GMG approval. Duration may not exceed 30 days 
  • All therapist/clinic / event advertising will use the provided template and layout constraints.

As prospective customers have free access to search massage therapy treatments, products or events.  They may also offer service reviews.  All reviews are checked and approved for appropriate content by GMG

Exclusions of Liability*

  • GMG endeavours to provide a fair and just service to all business members and end-users.
  • GMG offers a complaints process and will investigate all complaints.
  • GMG undertakes a validation process for all businesses/therapists promoted in its pages, to ensure a quality service for all site users.
  • GMG endeavours to ensure accurate content or information provided through its pages.  It does not however guarantee accuracy or suitability of a therapist / clinic / business.  
  • The consumer is required to seek further information from therapists to  determine suitability. 
  • GMG does not accept liability for any misleading content or information supplied to it for public use, promotion or marketing purposes. 
  • GMG does not accept responsibility for any financial or other loss or injury arising from information or marketing through its site or affilated sites.   
  • GMG does not guarantee a particular level of business exposure for one business over another.  Business exposure is driven by prospective customer search.
  • Contact with therapists though GMG does guarantee service availability, nor does it necessarily warrant accurate promotion by therapists.

Advertising exclusions*

  • This site may not be used to promote, advertise or otherwise sell services and products that are unrelated to the site intent.  That means:
    • only clinical and therapeutic massage services and treatments can be promoted
    • only massage therapy or allied wellness businesses may promote their services, where therapeutic o clinical massage services are available.
  • Under no circumstance will intimate or sexual therapies be promoted on this site

Persons in breach of the terms of use for this site will have their content or access removed without further reason, refund or appeal

*Ask about extended terms and condition statement for full details

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