Mindfulness In Massage - know before you go

Mindfulness in massage is not a new ‘thing’ – it’s a lesson any good therapist will direct you toward before and after your massage experience   Having a massage and knowing what’s going on with your body during and after it, are two very different things.  Not all massage styles are right for your health needs, and not all therapists are the best ones to provide it.  Read about the different types of massage therapists and consider these when reviewing the many therapists near you before making your booking.  If you’re not sure call and ask more questions.

Mar 23
Qualified Massage Therapist?

Whether or not to chase down a qualified therapist when looking for massage is a…

Jan 22
Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage includes many therapeutic techniques designed to support athletic…

Jan 21
Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage This is a modality of massage therapy frequently used to treat…

Nov 19
Best massage nearby? Review now

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Nov 19
Massage and Wellbeing

Massage Wellness What’s It All About We tend to think of massage as a way to…

Nov 19
Deep Tissue Massage

What Is A Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue massage uses slow, firm strokes. Pressure is…

Nov 19
Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage – Is It All That Relaxing ? A relaxation massage is a…

Nov 19
Lomi Lomi

Lomi lomi  – A Traditional Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi uses a combination of…

Nov 19
Swedish Massage

Why Is Swedish Massage So Popular ? In Sweden, “Swedish massage” is simply…

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