Good Massage Guide and the future of Australian Massage Therapy

Good Massage Guide was launched by Australian Natural Health Group as an integral service to bring  “Australian Massage into Focus“. assisting Australian’s to choose massage and practitioners that suit their needs. 


The Health and Wellness Industry is a highly competitive 450 million dollar industry in Australia, however ‘quality’ in service, amenities, practice and management vary greatly. 

    • Therapists are competing with unqualified masseurs who have gained great traction on sites like google and in multi health sites like         Natural Therapy Pages.  They do not discriminate by skill or experience.
    • With many consumers on a CLICK | BOOK habit with ‘what’s near me’ on Google.  Are these  algorithms deciding who consumers see         and influencing health choices ?
    • When it comes to massage therapy are consumers getting the full picture BEFORE they book.    

Good Massage Guide  provide consumers with practitioner details in an accessible format by web, phone or tablet. The guide integrates practitioner marketing channels like web and social media to ensure best audience capture and best practitioner summary.  The Good Massage Guide promotes the importance and benefits of massage health with a qualified practitioner.   


Good Massage Guide connects people looking for massage to the wide range of practitioner information across all web and social media channels.  This allows casters to be discerning,  to  SEE | REVIEW | ACT positively in their search for massage therapy.  Practitioners will have their current information presented to customers according to preferred location rather than algorithm bias.

The Guide aims to assist  consumer knowledge, improve access to better massage services and place qualified massage therapy practitioners into the community health arena where they belong.

Good Massage Guide aims to become Australia’s most comprehensive online source for qualified massage therapists and practitioners across all Australian Associations and Allied Health Practices where massage therapy treatments are integral to their clients’  health.



Your involvement as practitioners and practices will not only build consumer understanding about massage therapy but help them make better choices.  You can increase your professional presence in your community by adding a voice to its professional health pages here at Good Massage Guide.  


Create a stronger practice presence by providing more details that resonate with customers.
A low cost high value contribution.  Start here


Our CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT option for therapists is very affordable at $55 per year and is fully integrated with your own social media and or web presence.  Help consumers choose massage and begin to make more informed decisions about the importance of professional care.



  • Professional therapists and practitioners in all wellness settings can participate

  • Wellness centres offering massage treatments in clinics, fitness centres, tourism and sport wellness services can participate

  • All Association members can participate along with therapists with National and recognised international and industry qualifications

As prospective customers we're becoming more discerning about where, how and why we seek massage therapy.  We want to know what to expect from a professional therapist - before we book.....
John DeNacci
Prospective Customer

If are unsure about adding your practitioner or practice profile – ask us for more details or to call you.

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