Have A Complaint or Concern ?

Your feedback is important to us! 

If you have had a negative experience when contacting our therapists or wellness spaces, we hope this can be resolved. 

You can always forward your complaint of concern to us.  Use the feedback form on our contact page. 

If you need immediate support about a service failure we recommend:

  • consider your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions Agreement to make sure you understand your rights
  • contacting the service provider (therapist or wellness centre and discuss your concerns
  • write your concerns to the service provider – they will have a complaints process you and they can follow
  • if in doubt about your rights and obligations as a consumer by reviewing  your relevant state consumer affairs guidelines




Good Massage Guide view complaints seriously and therefore requires accurate information.  


Please note that Good Massage Guide is not in a position to offer a remedy to you or to award damages as it is strictly limited to the disciplining of registered professionals and businesses, and the imposition of effects on registration status.  


Good Massage Guide must not be used as an influence against a Professional or Business to achieve a result not readily forthcoming because you do not desire to use more appropriate modes of action, such as court process or in some cases a regulatory authority.


For a Complaint relating to a Registered Business we will assess the consumer complaint with reference to the standards outlined within the relevant Industry Association Codes of Practices. 

For a Complaint relating to a Registered Massage Professional we will assess the consumer complaint with reference to the Industry Professional Code of Ethics.  

To assist in the preparation of your complaint, please note the following:


Procedure between the Consumer and Good Massage Guide

1.    Good Massage Guide is only able to address complaints that relate to a business or professional that is registered with us.  To ascertain whether the professional or business in your complaint is registered with us please use our search directory:


2.     In order for Good Massage Guide to investigate a complaint, you must put your complaint in writing to the manager of the business or registered therapist and requested a reply in writing from the manager/therapist within 10 working days.


3.     If you do not receive a reply from the manager/therapist in the specified timeframe or you are not happy with the outcome, you can submit your complaint to Good Massage Guide for review, together with a copy of your written complaint and all copies of correspondence. Please note that complaints will only be reviewed if they are received in writing via the following Complaints Form.  Without complaints being documented we are not able to give accurate advice. 


4.     Please forward the completed form, together with all copies of correspondence, to the following PO Box 64, Caulfield South VIC 3162. 


5.     Once your complaint has been received you will receive a written confirmation and you will then receive further written advice within ten (10) working days.

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